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Winchester residents, Rhoda Gersch and Margaret Atkins, had a vision of adding Winchester to the “clothesline across America” of barn quilt trails.  They had each grown up in the Central and Northern Plains and were very familiar with barn quilt trails.  They took a quilt block painting class in April of 2017 and were immediately enthralled.  They started teaching their friends to paint, but needed a place to hold classes.  The Winchester Area Civic Association approved the use of Zilss Memorial  Hall for classes and sponsorship of a future trail.   Once Margaret and Rhoda started holding classes, they displayed two Double Aster Quilt Blocks on the front of Zilss Memorial Hall and the Quilt Block Trail of Winchester Texas was born!

Margaret and Rhoda proceeded to paint 15 quilt blocks and put them up for sale.  Sadly, no one beat the door down to buy one.  The ladies soon realized that in order to sell blocks people needed to see them displayed on gates and fences.  After much deliberation, a list of potential sites was developed.  The ladies talked to friends and neighbors on the list, made cold calls, and cornered people at community events.  One by one the numbers grew and by June of 2018 there were 30 quilt blocks displayed in the area. After that, things really took off and locals were attending class and ordering custom blocks.   In July, the first map of the Quilt Block Trail was printed highlighting the 30 locations.  Six months later a new map was printed with 48.

The Winchester Area Civic Association is the beneficiary of all proceeds from the sales of quilt blocks and classes.  Margaret, Rhoda and all volunteers donate their time.  The Association uses this money to fund the upkeep of Zilss Memorial Hall and to support many local charitable organizations.

What Visitors Had To Say About The Quilt Block Trail

I had such a wonderful day working on my quilt block. First of all the drive there is so relaxing and if you keep your eyes open you will see loads of quilt blocks along the way on fences, houses, barns, etc.
There are a lot of pattern choices for you to choose from. I knew immediately when I saw the pattern that was for me on that day. The ladies are so helpful and positive. I just lost myself in the work. I have a stressful job and I just melted in relaxation with each hour that flew by and I knew when I walked out the door I that WILL be back again. A friend told me about the class and I am so happy that I got to go! I am getting ready to sign up again!
~Patty Eagle

Purchased one from the wall at Murphy's last night (first visit to Murphy's, will be back) Hummingbird will be place on our porch at home in Austin. Already loved visiting Smithville and now will always add a stop in Winchester.
~Brooke & Bobby Dennis

I took a class after learning about the trail during the Houston International Quilt Show. I have not had that much fun creating something in a very long time! While I can sew, I definitely cannot paint... The instructions and materials provided during the class enabled me to create a beautiful custom quilt block that I proudly hang in my sewing studio.

Thank you Winchester Quilt Trail for spreading the love of sewing through this Quilt Block Trail!
~Ashley Lopez

Winchester Area Civic Association, Inc.

8945 FM 153
Winchester, Texas 78945

Margaret Atkins (979) 242-3085
Rhoda Gersch (979) 242-3213
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